01-08-1959 to 12-01-2007


Gill Leach

Yet another year has gone by since Lesley left us to fend for ourselves. Our boys have grown into fine young men and there is still the odd bottle of Blue Sapphire in the cupboard to remind me of “good times”. I guess that’s how life goes on but we will never forget you, Lesley. Ever. xxx

11/01/2010 22:29


Thanks to Graham for sharing this. Last time I saw you Lesley was at the Church Bazaar 2years ago , which just so happens to be today. As ususal you gave the boys money for what we called rubbish which we spent the early years doing then recycling back into the bazaar! So Graham is doing the refreshments today (in the church, yes in the church!)no doubt with your watchful eyes. Miss you Lesley xxxx

28/11/2009 07:01

Gill Leach

I can’t believe it is already over a year since you left us, dear Lesley. I really have missed you every day and often wish I could pick up the phone to you wherever you are – I have so much to talk to you about. Can’t wait for that G&T.

11/03/2008 21:30

Carolyn Heathcote

I knew Lesley in her early days in the Careers Service when she was a Careers Assistant and was very pleased when she went on to train to be a Careers Adviser. I did not see so much of her until she became a Deputy Divisional Careers Adviser in Lewisham and then worked more closely with her again in LSBC. I think Lesley was about the nicest person I have ever known. She was always cheerful, enthusiastic, full of ideas and willing to do her bit. This may make her sound a bit goody goody but she wasn’t – she could moan about things along with the rest of us but she could usually find something to smile about whatever the situation.

I am sorry that I was not able to be at her funeral due to a longstanding previous engagement – but I knew that Lesley would understand!

The world is a poorer place without her.

23/02/2007 21:30

Mavis Jones

I only knew Lesley for a short time. We never worked on anything together but as a travelling member of staff I often travelled ‘down south’ and needed a place to base myself. Lesley was always happy to share her office with me – at least she always made me feel that way. We always seemed to find something to laugh about which after an early start and sometimes difficult journey I appreciated.

21/02/2007 11:29


Lesley found it most amusing and related this to everyone we met.

When she came round with the boys to my house, Edward started munching on some raw potatoes he found in the veg basket. Lesley was horrified and told him to stop. ( he was about a year old). I told her not to worry because I washed them before I put them in there. She found this very funny!
If we went to partnership meetings or meeting colleagues she would say " oh dont worry Shaunagh will do that fine, she’s the one who washes her potatoes before she puts them in the basket!!! Lesley I hasten to add was the one who, as a careers advisor, used to keep all her paper work in wire baskets in the boot of her car. When colleagues needed baskets to put client files in, I used to urge them to look in Lesley’s car!

19/02/2007 16:12

Tony Newton

I wasn’t in careers from 1999 until 2006 so had no idea that Lesley’s illness had occurred until just recently. I just want to say that, on the occasions I worked with her or was in her office, I always enjoyed her cheery brightness, and her sensible and practical solutions to problems and issues made her an oustanding colleague.. She knew what it was about. You can’t say that about everyone in this business, but she was a beacon of light. Always a pleasure to see her.

08/02/2007 10:21

Cutie Hurmal

I’ve known Lesley for quite awhile and found her ever so enthusiastic in whatever she did and oh so positive. She has always tried to motivate me and to believe in my self worth. She gave me the opportunity to try something new which was working with adults having worked with young people for many years which she interviewed me for and became my mentor.

Thank you.

You are missed Lesley you were such a nice person and I will never forget you xx

06/02/2007 13:50

Rudi Salmon

Lesley was a beautiful person with fantastic energy, intelligence & wit (she was always laughing!). She first inspired me 18 years ago when I joined her (& the team) in the Lewisham Careers service. She later became my line manager. We last met 2 years ago when I left the Dept that we both worked in.

Her biggest ‘fault’ was that she could talk you into anything with her wonderful enthusiasm. I found myself co-ordinating work-experience for 2 years on her recommendation (she had really loved the project). In 18 yrs we never had a single disagreement. I feel very lucky to have known her & will forever remember her laughter & energy.

06/02/2007 12:39

Maureen Hooley

Dearest Lesley

The world will be a much poorer place without you in it.
We will always remember you with great admiration and love

03/02/2007 15:28

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